BBC Media Workshop

Digital Media Skills Workshop with BBC Scotland.

This Industry Workshop linked with employer engagement and local partnerships to provide 12, S2 young people from Hawick High School with an interest in English, Media and Creative Industries to participate in a 2 day workshop with BBC Scotland.

The workshop gave the young people of Hawick High School a hands-on, real-life opportunity to experience what is involved in working within the media industry.  By taking part in the workshops young people were able to build their confidence speaking in to microphones and in front of cameras, as well as developing their understanding of different job roles within the media industry.

BBC Scotland Learning visited Hawick High School to deliver a digital media workshop, aiming to cover topics such as filmmaking, scripting, animation and podcasting for young people interested in a career in the media industry.

For the project, the BBC team worked with young people to create a series of ‘Sound Walk’ podcasts focusing on different locations in their own town.  This included a Q&A with Shaun Fairbairn, employee at Greendale Car Sales, Hawick and Hawick Rugby Player.

The workshops were pitched in a way that was understandable for S2 allowing them to come up with their own ideas and explore media industry.

There were lots of discussions throughout the whole project about different job roles within media.  This sparked interest with young people including one pupil asking for advice to pursue his own interest in journalism.  This hands on opportunity provided a practical learning experience which these young people can talk about in future applications and interviews.

This workshop allowed young people to be fully invested in a 2 day project with an end goal.  The young people were proud to talk about their town, making the content relatable and easier for the young people to process and link to future careers.

This workshop encouraged pupils to explore the types of businesses there are in the town.

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